Saturday, May 16, 2009

Etched Glass

Mickey Mouse makes me happy. I collect Mickey Mouse items and I like to craft things around a Mickey Mouse theme too .... like quilts, burp cloths, clothing, pillows, and glass. Among my many crafty projects I also etch glass. These turned out so cute that I am keeping a set for myself and selling one on my Etsy. I had fun making these.

**Photo taken in my kitchen. And yes, the walls are bright (some say blinding) yellow like Mickey's shoes, the table cloth is red and the curtains are red with Mickey heads all over. I'm just a tad bit obsessed. =)


  1. Thanks for stopping by. I like the Mickey Mouse etched glasses.

  2. Neattt! Mickey Mouse ALWAYS makes me smile too!

  3. Great post love the etched glasses & I don't mind the yellow walls!

    Lyn xxx

  4. That is a great craft. I haven't met anyone yet that etches glass! Sounds like fun....I am obsessed with the pooh stuff....what is it with Disney Jamming those guys down our subconscious? I just can't stop loving the adorable winnie and eeyore too!

    What part of Hawai'i do you "stay"? I am from O'ahu and went to school at Kaimuki.....My family is still there....why I chose to relocate to Pittsburgh, is crazy!

  5. I'm on the big island! Pittsburgh huh? You must miss Hawaii =)

    1. Gotcha! Thanks that I found this cool and fun blogsite about etched glass, so better to keep it up!