Sunday, March 15, 2009

eBay, Etsy or Bonanzle?

I am currently selling on three sites. I'm still unsure of which one I like better or which one is better. I am new to Etsy and Bonanzle. I've been on and off eBay for years. I just recently opened another account. I was a strong supporter of eBay and defended them totally every time there was a change and people went crazy. But, the last few changes sort of killed it for me. I recently signed back up because Etsy and Bonanzle are slow and I need to move merchandise as the craft fairs are a little slow this time of year.

eBay just doesn't seem to have the same support and interest that it used to have. Maybe it's because I'm just starting up again, I don't know. I'll see how it goes for now. I'm still not happy with the new feedback policy and DSR's and fees ... but what's a person to do? They still have the most traffic in my opinion. You can find me on eBay ID sugarboogerbaby.

Bonanzle is a cool place that is a little like eBay except there are no auctions. You set a price and people can offer you another price and you can counter offer etc. I didn't expect to get rich there but I made a sale in my first week there and was very excited. I bought stuff from two different sellers too. I think this place might grow ... we'll see. For now I'm happy with it. I think this place has alot of potential. You can find me on Bonanzle at

Etsy is a great place but again sales are slow. I've had 3 sales in about a week which totally excited me. I had read somewhere that it's slow to start but once you get established it picks up. I hope so! The thing I like about etsy is that it is mainly crafts and supplies (with a little vintage thrown in). The people here are really nice. I got a little confused with listing (so used to eBay that's why) but all in all I like selling here too. You can find me on etsy at

I'm interested in Artfire and 1000 markets too but I think I need to focus on the 3 places I sell at for now. It's hard enough to find time to list things and make things, I'm so backed up. I'd be insane to try and list in more places LOL

Anyone had or has success with any of the above? I'd love to hear your thoughts....

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  1. How long have you been selling on Etsy? Do you get many sales there? Where do you "advertise" it if at all? I have an Etsy store, and had two sales in the first month, then nothing. Maybe I'm just not making a good product.