Thursday, March 12, 2009

No Baby Yet .....

So I'm expecting my first grandchild any day now. We thought she was coming yesterday but it was a false alarm. My daughter started cramping pretty bad and the doctor thought it might be contractions and told her to go straight to the hospital. So we did the hour drive and checked her in and they did a stress test on the baby (all fine and normal) and started measuring her contractions which were about 30 minutes apart and then they just stopped. Just like that, stopped! LOL I was pretty bummed, I thought my granddaughter would be making her entrance but I guess she fooled us.

I'm so excited, I can hardly wait. I hope she comes soon ... tonight would be great. =)


  1. We had about 3 of those false alarms with one of the grandkids......and then they had to induce anyway. These babies just don't understand how excited we are to see them! LOL

  2. How exciting for your family!

    Your week so far has been eventful I must say; an earthquake, heavy rains and a false alarm labour!

  3. What an exciting thing to look forward to! I hope the babe makes his/her appearance very soon!